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Flue gases are cleaned efficiently in the plant
Westenergy converts your combustible waste into energy that powers your home and heats your house.

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Our Waste-to-Energy plant is open to visitors and visits are free of charge.
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Westenergy Oy Ab owns and operates a modern Waste-to-Energy plant which utilises source-separated combustible waste as fuel. The WtE plant is located in Mustasaari, near the city of Vaasa in Finland and has been in operation since 2012.

The Westenergy Waste-to-Energy plant is an important part of a well-functioning waste management system as in the plant, energy is extracted from non-recyclable waste in an efficient, safe and clean way.

Westenergy’s co-operation partner Vaasan Sähkö Oy uses the steam produced in the plant to produce electricity and district heating. Over one third of the district heating needed in the Vaasa region is produced in the plant.

Westenergy Oy Ab is owned by five municipal waste management companies (Lakeuden Etappi Oy, Ab Stormossen OyVestia Oy, Botniarosk Oy Ab ja Millespakka Oy). The shareholders operate in an area covering approximately 50 municipalities and over 400 000 inhabitants.


22.03.2017 The plant is again up and running

The plant was shut down during Monday evening (March 20th) due to a malfunction in an amplifier in a reduction valve in the compressed air steering system. The malfunctioning part has now been repaired and the production now continues as normal.

The service shut down was short and laste for only ~30 hours. The waste incineration at the plant started again on Wednesday, March 22d, at 4 AM. 

During the service shutdown the waste transports were led to a temporary storage unit but are now delivered to the plant, as usual.
Plant tours are now also held as normal.

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